Special Event Furnishings

Event Furniture Rentals Toronto

We here at Executive Furniture Rentals are focused on bringing the best event furniture rentals Toronto.  After all, we're a product of this fine city, and we pride ourselves in providing top-notch even furniture rentals Toronto services whenever and wherever possible. Whether we're discussing our event furniture rentals Toronto solutions or any of our other [...]

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Special Event Furnishings: How to Prepare

We at Executive Furniture Rentals are big fans of special event furnishings in Toronto.  Why?  Because that means there's a special event in our city, which we love for several reasons.  First off, we enthusiastically support the opportunity to showcase our fine city in the best possible light.  What better way to show off our [...]

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Office Furniture In Toronto Deals

Purchasing brand new office furniture in Toronto can be incredibly expensive upfront. Switching up the cubicle systems in your office can make a huge difference in terms of improving the look and feel of your workspace. To modernize and update your office systems without breaking the bank, we recommend renting office furniture in Toronto. At [...]

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Office Furniture in Toronto and Beyond

For over 50 years, Executive Furniture Rentals has provided office furniture in Toronto under customizable lease agreements for the ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency. We are proud to have expanded into a customer service company with a dynamic inventory of the best office furniture in Toronto. Beyond our fantastic choices for the office, home and special [...]

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The deal we hope we won’t have to do…

As you read this, plans are being made by all levels of government in Canada for the possible resurgence of the Novel Influenza A (H1N1) pandemic virus, this autumn. While we are prepared for emergency furniture rental services, it's the deal we hope we won't have to do. Currently, this virus makes up 95% of [...]

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