Office Furniture in Toronto

Signs of Good Furniture Rental Companies

Awards given out in the furniture rental industry are few and far between, but at Executive Furniture Rentals we are ecstatic to announce that this year we have been presented with the CORT Global Network Award. And there to accept the top award was our very own veteran Ruth Parkinson. […]

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Setting Up Your Business with Home Office Furniture

There is nothing worse than relying on a tiny desk to accommodate a mass of jumbled phone cords, computers, printers and insurmountable stacks of paperwork. Not only do small work spaces make it difficult to concentrate on what needs to be done, these areas may also be detrimental to your long-term success. […]

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What Styles of Table Rentals Can I Choose From?

Whether you're holding a business conference, organizing a wedding, or you're in charge of some other large social event, having the right table can go a long way to ensure the smooth operation of the occasion. Executive Furniture Rentals provide a vast array of stylish, sturdy and practical tables for every setting that will make your [...]

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Office Furniture Toronto: Buyers Growing Wary of Price Tag

  We pride ourselves in providing office furniture Toronto at a fair price.  We also pride ourselves in being able to offer office furniture Toronto in a variety of ways, such as via rental or by way of clearance furniture sales.  Both of these options allow increased flexibility for office furniture Toronto purchasers, permitting them to [...]

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Toronto Home Furniture: Renting Is In

We've always been big fans of our Toronto home furniture solutions.  Now, you might think that we're a little biased: Because we offer Toronto home furniture, we're inclined to think highly of it, the logic goes.  However, that formula's actually flipped.  We offer Toronto home furniture rentals because we think the service is a good [...]

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